Manicure & Pedicure


Gel nails refill 120 PLN
Filling one nail 15 PLN
Painting nails (for children) 20 PLN
Hybrid manicure  100 PLN
Hybrid manicure french 110 PLN
Japanese manicure 50 PLN
Classic manicure 60 PLN
Classic manicure without painting 50 PLN
Hybrid pedicure 140 PLN
Hybrid pedicure with SPA treatment 180 PLN
Classic pedicure without painting 100 PLN
Classic pedicure with SPA treatment 150 PLN
Classic pedicure with painting 120 PLN
Nail extension 150 PLN
SPA treatment for hands or feet 50 PLN
Nail art 10 PLN
Hybrid manicure removal 30 PLN
Gel on natural nails 110 PLN

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